Xbox One X Review

by Nick Staunton-Mckenzie

Posted on Sun 18th Feb 2018

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The world's most powerful console has arrived

The worlds most powerful console has arrived, to take players to the next level of gaming never seen on a home console. Manufactured by Microsoft, the Xbox One X brings players the fastest and best-looking console gaming experience to date. The Xbox One X is available now.
Playing a game on the One X is like nothing a console player has ever experienced, the only that could come close to the Xbox One X's power and speed would be a high-level PC worth thousands of dollars.

Games feel smoother and faster than anything that has come before it (probably because of the immense power the console is spitting out), with less graphical mess ups and more stunning details in every enhanced game. Gaming on this console is like nothing any console exclusive player will ever feel (at least until the proper next generation come out in around 5 years).
In my month with the One X, we bonded and learned about each other (his name was Mark, he's a cool guy) and really had fun playing some amazing games (all jokes aside, I would love to have a console that talks and bonds with you).

Back to the review now, from the system boot up to the start of a game the One X provides lightning fast speed no matter what you do. Not only that, but Xbox promised in the lead up to the release that the One X would change the way you game no matter what set up you had.

Where the system really shines is with the games themselves. For those with 4K (UHD) TVs, games that have been enhanced by the developer run better than they ever had before, with games like The Witcher 3 running immaculately for the first time on a console with no restrictions just like the PC version.

For those with Full HD TVs, Xbox hasn't forgotten about you. The One X does a remarkable job of down-scaling it's enhanced games from 4K to 1080p complete with all of the details 4K users get but obviously three-thousand fewer pixels.
While it is not the best looking console (that is hard to do with a plain black console), the One X looks ten times better than the original brick Xbox One and comes with no unnecessary components such as the Kinect, making the Xbox simple to unpack and light to carry.

The One X carries over the revised sizing of the One S, but also makes some welcome changes such as combining a new, slick design with a frame that can support the hefty weight of all of the components. The One X looks like it would fit perfectly on any shelf or table at any angle (another thing the original brick console could never do).
This, in my opinion, is where Microsoft dropped the ball. Pricing the One X at $649 AUD, the price prevented a lot of people who were most excited for a console of this magnitude from purchasing the console. It seems Microsoft decided to create a console for those with deep pockets instead of those most loyal to the brand.

From a value standpoint, the One X sounds like a great deal to those who look at it on paper, but to those who look at it from a price standpoint and don't have a 4K TV, the One X is just a step too far right now (especially because they can just go out and buy a One S for just over $300 AUD).
The One X is a hell of a machine, which provides those with a 4K set up the means to play amazing games in top-notch detail. Near perfection in every way (except for the price), everything from the easy to use operating system, to the magnificent visuals which make every game a dream to play and a design which makes the One X a true centrepiece of any gamer's home.


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