The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Review

by Josiah Roche

Posted on Wed 6th Dec 2017

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Although nostalgia-inducing at first, ESO: Morrowind really didn’t live up to the original.

As a long-time fan of the original Morrowind title, I was super excited to delve into ZeniMax's take on the game. At first, I was in awe of the replication of such an iconic masterpiece. By the end, it didn't live up to my nostalgic memories of the original. 
Daedric forces reappear causing havoc to the world, and a warrior-poet god is in trouble. His followers are outsourcing ways to help their beloved god, then you rock up, ready for action. 

As the story elapses, players come across hostile natives with unusual ways of living, a group of assassins that don't play nice, and much more peculiar things at hand.

Players commence at the familiar docks of Seyda Neen, and yes, I was salivating with nostalgia. However, don't expect the same grand entrance of that from the original Morrowind game back in 2002. This version of Morrowind is set in a different timeline, and with different developers. 

After completing the main storyline on two separate accounts, once slow, once fast, I felt that there could have been more passion behind it. I felt no emotional ties to the storyline even though I read every piece of dialogue. 
One of the biggest drawcards for this expansion is a new class called the Warden. This class is extremely OP as area healer, and a solid all-rounder - has a cool bear too.   

Apparently holding over 50 hours worth of content, this expansion is definitely worth the money considering. For me, I didn't feel connected to the storyline, so the team dungeons were my getaway.
I've been yearning for the remake of Morrowind for over a decade. As this is the closest thing to it, they did an incredible job transcribing the environments and feel. Seyda Neen was a warming sight to behold. Although the environments didn't feel like a Bethesda game, they represented them at best.
The nostalgic soundtracks return! Yes. This is what I've been waiting for. When they announced ESO a few years back, this is what I was looking forward to. The voice acting however, felt like it was acted out for the younger audiences (below ages 13). This felt like a huge disappointment, especially seeing as us older folk grew up playing these games.
Judging this game as an expansion of the ESO series, I have to say that it's very well done. However coming into this with fan expectations isn't ideal. 



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