Samurai Riot Review

by Aman Shekhar

Posted on Fri 13th Oct 2017

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A Cooperative arcade game which falls short in many aspects.

Samurai riot is an arcade side-scrolling game developed by Wako Factory. Despite looking pretty, it has some glaring flaws which makes the experience forgettable.
The game gives you the option of playing as either Sukane or Tsurumaru, two samurai warriors from The Clan of True Honour. Taking place in a war-torn country, players are pit in a war against the rebel order and must fight through several enemies as a civil war engulfs the land.
Samurai Riot is a side-scroller, beat em up game. First off, the game recommends a controller but is only on steam, which can be a deal breaker for some people. Getting the hang of the controls may take a while. The fact that both players need to use the same keyboard if they don't have a controller is enough to drive players away from the game. 

There are different classes that provide varying functions and playstyles; selecting a class that feels natural to the player is crucial.

The game also involves making decisions which affect the game and the ending. This increases the game's replay value and helps it stay away from a linear path progression. The two players can choose to disagree with each other, which leads to a PvP battle, adding a fun and interesting dynamic to the gameplay.

With basic mechanics, repetitive enemies, lack of incentives and any real depth to this game, it feels like a bland button mashing journey to the end of the campaign. However, the game can be enjoyed as a casual co-op timekiller. 

Graphics is where the game manages to salvage some points.  The game looks great thanks to hand-drawn sprites and vibrant colour palettes used in the background. The visuals are detailed and it's obvious that the art has been given a lot of attention with each level offering a breath of fresh air.
The audio is what you would come to expect from an indie game. It's nothing spectacular but does its job to complement the beautiful artwork and the arcade gameplay.
Despite having a plethora of flaws, Samurai Riot can be a fun experience albeit for a short period of time. It's a pretty standard beat em up game. Pick this up if you have a friend to play with you.


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