Offensive Combat: Redux! Review

by Aman Shekhar

Posted on Wed 6th Dec 2017

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Offensive Combat: Redux! is a game that promises a lot of run and gun action but fails to deliver.

Offensive Combat: Redux! looked promising from the get go, but quickly lost substance and depth that is needed to keep a player engulfed in a game for a long time. It is a First Person Shooter with a bit of a twist. 

The game is rather easy to pick up and play, and doesn't have a steep learning curve. However, this also leads to the game looking uninspred and a bit boring.
One of the main issues with this game is the lack of a storyline. With the game being multiplayer focused, there isn't much to enjoy if players cant consistently find games. 

Multiplayer focused games don't need to have a story, but even a brief one gives players a chance to connect with the characters and makes for an overall better experience.
The game is very straightforward. Players are matched against one another and need to kill the opponents to win. What makes this game a bit different is that players can perform acts called PWN after killing an opponent. A PWN is basically aimed to mock the opponent by dancing after you've killed them. PWNing gives the players XP and gold which can be used for customization.

One of the few good things about this game is the character customization. You can customize the character's various body parts. You can also customize weapons like increasing clip size and recoil reduction etc.
The graphics are very average. The game doesn't stand out and there is next to nothing that will catch your eye. The game has for a cartoonish and is a silly feel to it. This doesn't mean that the graphics are horrendous, they're just behind the times. It doesn't look like a game which was released in 2017
Possibly the worst aspect of the game. There is a single track that plays in the main menu and while waiting for games. The in game voice commands and interactions are non existent and it just sounds generic and uninspired.
In its current state, with a dead multiplayer and lack of a campaign, I would not recommend this game to anyone. Currently, it isn't enjoyable and if the developers make some drastic changes, maybe this game has a future.



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