Gran Turismo Sport review

by Nick Staunton-Mckenzie

Posted on Sun 29th Oct 2017

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The original racing simulator has returned!

It's time to take to the track again because the real racing simulator is back and ready to take players on the most realistic ride along the world's greatest racing tracks.
Gran Turismo Sport has no story (that I could find). What it claims as a career mode is more like a comprehensive tutorial. GT Sport will teach you how to race like a pro, and punish you for not being an e-sport pro. While this is fun in some ways, it isn't anything near what I would call a career mode.
As is to be expected with Gran Turismo titles, the gameplay is a step ahead of all other racing games. The driving mechanics are crisp and the handling feels as close to real life as I have ever played, which makes speeding along these intricately designed tracks an easy and enjoyable experience.

This game is probably best played with a steering wheel. It just feels so natural that I must say that for anyone wanting to get into legal track racing, this is probably the best way to train for it if you don't have an extra $100,000 laying around.

I played this at EB Expo in VR and I must say that it was an awesome experience. Everything feels so real and the car is so immaculately rendered that if you didn't have a big headset on, you could totally feel like you are in one of these terribly expensive cars.
I don't think that I've ever played a racing game that looks as beautiful as Gran Turismo Sport. It seems that every game in the series has pushed the limits of whatever console they have been on.

Gran Turismo Sport has expertly recreated some of the best real-life racing tracks (such as Australia's Mount Panorama and Japan's Tokyo Express Way) complete with all of the smallest details that only the keen-eyed fans would notice.
Gran Turismo Sport carries on the series standard of cars that sound so real - your neighbours will think you just won the lottery.  

The music selection for Gran Turismo is superb, mixing both classical and electronic sounds to create its own unique feel while the player is either exploring the plethora of options available on the main menu, or driving around the track pretending to be Michael Schumacher.
Gran Turismo Sport is yet another stellar addition to series. Gran Turismo Sport brings top-notch driving mechanics that teach the player to carve up the track like a pro; realistic looking and sounding cars which would make any motorsport fan shake with excitement and a huge catalogue of cars to drive around gorgeous tracks.

Gran Turismo Sport is truly the real racing simulator that its marketing claims to be.


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