Far Cry 5 Review

by Nick Staunton-Mckenzie

Posted on Mon 9th Apr 2018

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Far Cry is back with its' insane gameplay and enthralling story, which sets it apart from the others

Prepare to take back America's heartland from those damn religious zealots known to the world as Project at Edens Gate. Far Cry is back with the latest installment in this over the top fun series, Far Cry 5 is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Far Cry 5 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
First off, contrary to popular opinion this game is acomment on American culture (guns, religion and what not) not "TrumpsAmerica".

Now that the blatantly obvious is out of the way I can get to talking about theStory, because Far Cry 5 is a bit different to all other games in the series.because in this game you play as a fully customize-able character simply knownas The Deputy, who has about as much personality as a bag of potatoes. As he orshe battle against a group of religious zealots, led by the colourful preacherknown to the world as "The Father".

While the games story is interesting and engaging and full of side quest thatmaybe the best in the series (test festy is the best). I can't help but noticethat in Ubisoft's quest to create another antagonist the caliber of Far Cry 3'sVaas, they completely missed the point in that they missed that every greatantagonist needs a great protagonist to lock horns with. Joker has Batman,Superman has a green rock, Vaas had Jason Brodie, and The Father has what isessentially a Cardboard cut-out messing up his utopia.
As always with Far Cry games the gameplay is insanely funand chaotic all at the same time, the games ability to go from nice and easyfishing simulator to an insane bullet storm of blood and bad puns is trulysecond to none.

The games driving has also seen a huge improvements to the overall combat ofthe game, with a focus on refining the series signature gritty realism to makeit the best in the genre. The flying has also seen a step up with Far Cry 5's,being the best, the series has ever had and the cars finally no longer handlinglike the roads are made of ice.
The thing that I believe makes a Far Cry game amazing is theamazing is the crazy vehicles, dangerous animals, and colourful characters, allof which are thankfully present in this game. The addition of a customisablecharacter is welcome as well, providing no limit to the silliness andintriguing costumes you can make your character wear.

The world of Far Cry 5 is stunning. While I have never been to Montana, if itlooks anything like what I have seen in this game (without the violent religiouszealots of course) then I would love to visit those breath-taking landscapes.

As is a staple in the series, the audio is impeccable. Thevoice acting is top notch, with the villains coming across as actually cold,callous, and at times terrifying cult leaders who could be capable of anythingtheir twisted minds could think of.

The music is a mixture of slightly calming yet always uneasy banjo music, whichpaired with the soothing sounds of rural Montana provides a secure soundtrackto browse about the countryside. That is until you come across a cult member,which almost immediately kicks off an intense rock score that will almostalways lead to either your death or a chase sequence which will leave you withempty ammo clips and confusion of where exactly you are. 
As always Far Cry seems to deliver on another entertaining installment in the series, complete with interesting villains, beautiful surroundings, fun combat, and vehicles that actually have proper handling. Far Cry 5 mixes everything together perfectly to create an enthralling thirty plus hour gaming experience for all to enjoy



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