2017 GOTY Awards - Kris Godwin

by Kris Godwin

Posted on Mon 18th Dec 2017

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Hey guys! Another year has passed, so it's time to look back at my personal greatest moments of 2017!

Biggest Surprise

There have been some truly revelatory moments in gaming for 2017. Initially, I was going to give the nod to the phenomenal success of the Nintendo Switch; no-one could've predicted the massive impact of the Big N's hybrid console after the underwhelming Wii U.

However, my award for the biggest surprise in 2017 was Capcom's unexpected revival of the Mega Man franchise.

After the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe a few years back, fans of the blue bomber weren't shy in hiding their disdain towards Capcom, who seemed content in dumping the little fella to the annals of history. Keiji Inafune's insulting Mighty No. 9 certainly didn't help matters, nor did Nintendo's loving inclusion of the character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

So, imagine the rush of euphoric surprise when Capcom unleashed a wave of Mega-goodness during a stream celebrating the series' 30th anniversary. Almost as if apologising for their past attitudes, the Japanese company unveiled the funky-looking Mega Man 11, packaged collections of the entire Mega Man and Mega Man X games, and the possibility of the return of franchises like Legends and Battle Network. Combine this with the prior announcements of a Mega Man movie and cartoon, and it's clear my biggest surprise of 2017 is the resurrection of the blue bomber!

Biggest Disappointment

I didn't have any major disappointments that blighted my gaming life in 2017, so I'm going to go with a big point of consternation that occurred in late 2016.

I'm counting this since I played it after last year's GOTY article, but my biggest disappointment is Final Fantasy XV.

After ten years of hype, what finally landed in my lap was a fun - yet clearly unfinished - videogame.

The tale of Noctis and his pals had me playing for over 90 hours, so I clearly enjoyed my time with Square-Enix's epic. However, it was obvious that many things were cut in an effort to release it for the Christmas season.

The story was disjointed and poorly told, with Square-Enix unleashing a tidal wave of extended media in an effort to set-up the game's lore. The second half of the game *SPOILER ALERT* eschewed the open world entirely for a train ride that rushed towards a hasty conclusion *SPOILER END*, and two explorable continents were cut entirely. The implementation of a season pass at launch left a sour taste in many gamers' mouths, and Hajime Tabata himself acknowledged that the game was lacking in content.

Fortunately, Final Fantasy XV has been bolstered by continuous updates throughout 2017, with more to come in 2018 - so all hope is not lost. Still, hopefully Final Fantasy XVI will be finished at release, eh?

Most Anticipated for 2018

As a huge Metroid buff, I'm salivating at the thought of finally getting my hands on Metroid Prime 4 - but we know next-to-nothing about it at the moment. So, I've decided to give this award to something a bit more tangible, so my most anticipated game of 2018 is Death Stranding!

After a tragic exodus from Konami, Hideo Kojima has clearly bounced back with aplomb, as the Metal Gear maestro's first independent game looks utterly like nothing else out there.

After a few confounding videos, we know the main character is played by Norman Reedus, and the concept of life, death and purgatory will play a major theme. Also, there are babies... and invisible monsters... and Mads Mikkelson... and... well...

That's really it.

But as a huge Kojima and MGS fanboy, that's all I need to know.

Game of the Year 2017

Sorry to echo the sentiments of everyone else out there, but my Game of the Year is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


It really is though. My review encapsulates everything I love about the game, so I won't repeat myself here. Just know that the game is roughly 100 hours long, and I've already played through it three times.

I have never done that with any other videogame, which speaks volumes of BotW's quality.

Thanks for reading, and have a very Happy Holidays!


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