My Tamagotchi Forever promises AR pets

by Jenny Vuong

Posted on Wed 20th Dec 2017

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Twenty years ago, Japanese toymaker Bandai unleashed to the world one of the most popular toy fads that still has a place in every 90s kid's heart, the Tamagotchi. Throughout the years, as the Tamagotchi waned in popularity, Bandai often enhanced features in the toy and even tried producing Tamagotchi games for the Nintendo handheld consoles. 2018 will see Bandai Namco launch Tamagotchi's best idea yet, My Tamagotchi Forever, a free-to-play smartphone/tablet game with an AR element. 

The trailer below showcases interaction with the Tamagotchi virtual pet in the home environment by utilising the smartphone's camera. Although not actual gameplay video, we can expect the virtual pet, like its 1990s counterpart, to leave virtual droppings in the AR environment for you to pick up. 

Both Android and iOS devices are getting a version of My Tamagotchi Forever. The official website is also holding a competition at the moment to create a new character for the game.


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