E3 2017: EA Roundup

by Clinton Raethel

Posted on Tue 13th Jun 2017

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Electronic Arts have a long and rich history with video games, with over 35 years experience in the industry. When you're as big as they are, secrets are quite often hard to keep, and their press conference was more about gameplay than it was announcements. 

This isn't exactly a bad thing, as understanding how a game will play and feel is just as important for the hype train, and EA delivered. They also revealed two new IPs for us to get excited about, so let's look at how it all went down.

AAA This

Need for Speed Payback and Battlefront II are the latest additions to these huge franchises. Releasing on November 10 and 17 respectively, EA filled in a lot of blanks for us on both games.

In a love letter to the Fast and Furious franchise, Need for Speed Payback brings movie-style action to the series. Over-the-top stunts? Check. Ridiculous car modification? Check. Burnout-style carnage? Check. Comic relief? Yup, we can check that too. It does look like we're getting a serious narrative to tie it all together, which will be awesome if they can pull it off. Based on betrayal and revenge, you swap between three playable characters, and it seems the story is told through cutscenes and quick time events.

Battlefront II managed to score a whole half of EA's allotted conference time, no mean feat. With Battlefront I having serious issues with content and longevity, it appears EA has listened, and want to retain their player base for years to come - all DLC is going to be free, will incorporate elements from the full Star Wars timeline. There is finally a single-player campaign to enjoy, and the multiplayer looks like it improves on the formula in every aspect. Do yourself a favour and watch the gameplay footage, this will definitely be one to watch.

DLC is also coming for Battlefield 1 in the form of a Russian expansion titled 'In the Name of Tsar'. Focusing on the Eastern Front of WWI, it will bring new maps, modes, vehicles and weapons. In a first for the series, it will also allow you to play as female soldiers too, and the whole lot will be released in September. On the topic of maps, EA is releasing two that are night-based beginning this month, just in case you thought the game needed more chaos.

Sports Game That

Story modes in sports games are rarely that - they tend to be more about playing a bunch of said sport and becoming a pro. Madden 18 is hoping to change that by including a movie-style story that shifts the focus to character development and the emotional journey as you develop your career. Do you support your friend's dream or take opportunities for yourself? How do you manage expectations while battling racism and stereotypes? If the footage we have seen is anything to go by, this could be epic.

We're also getting a story mode in Fifa 18, but is effectively a 'second season' of the story we got in '17. As usual there will be updates to play styles and animations to help each team/player feel more unique, and your player can be imported from the previous game. In exciting news, Fifa 18 is also coming to the Switch, albeit in a stripped back form.

The final piece to the puzzle is NBA 18, which also features a story mode, street courts and revamped controls/animations.

New IP

Thankfully, EA had more than just new iterations of existing games to offer. Anthem is a brand new series from Bioware, that sees lush environments, big monsters and characters that almost look like they were from Crysis. Little is known at this stage other than it looks like a direct competitor to Destiny. 

We also got shown a new game from the creators of the fantastic Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, called A Way Out. It's designed specifically around co-op play in either split screen or online (no solo mode), and has you breaking out of prison as one of two unlikely partners.

That about does it for our EA roundup. We'll be sure to keep you updated on details as we learn them. You'll find the full conference below.

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